DHC-2 Beaver

The De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, often referred to as the “best bush plane ever built”, has been instrumental in developing far-reaching frontiers since it was first introduced in 1947. They produced approximately 1,600 before ceasing production in 1967. It is also the first single-engine utility aircraft to be turbine-powered, with De Havilland producing over 60 Turbo units before production ceased.

Viking became the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of De Havilland spare parts for the DHC-2 Beaver in 1983 when we acquired the original jigs and drawings for the aircraft from De Havilland Canada.

Viking owns the Type Certificate for the DHC-2 Beaver and provides parts and support services to the fleet worldwide. If you would like more information on Viking's support for this aircraft, please visit our Customer Support page for details.