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With its multi-role capability in a single airframe, the Series 400 Twin Otter is the most cost efficient solution for special missions. Offering a specialized solution for surveillance, search and rescue, critical infrastructure support, and a range of other Special Missions applications, the Series 400 Twin Otter has proved itself in a range of worldwide government and military support operations.

Viking is holding a Guardian 400 World Tour from 2019-2020, which will feature detailed briefings and demonstration flights at various locations around the world. Click below for more information about the world tour.

Guardian 400 World Tour

Force Multiplier, Cost Divider

With low acquisition and operating costs, exceptional endurance, low speed maneuverability, and short take-off and landing from unimproved surfaces including flexible mission architecture, the Guardian 400 is a cost-effective solution for 21st century special missions requirements. The aircraft can be quickly re-deployed and adapted from surveillance, transportation, search and rescue, medivac and additional mission profiles providing a low cost, force multiplier as an invaluable asset to government and military fleets.

Sharing the same multi-role versatility as the Viking Twin Otter Series 400 Aircraft, the Guardian 400 can be equipped with wheels, floats (straight or amphibious), skis, or intermediate flotation gear, allowing you to arrive on station, leaving the competition on the runway.

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  • Low acquisition and operating costs
  • Multi-role versatility – operates on wheels, floats (straight or amphibious), skis, intermediate flotation gear
  • Larger payload for extended range and endurance for sorties up to 10 hours
  • Equipped with an electro-optical and infrared imaging turret, 360 degree digital colour radar system, extended range fuel tanks, crew observation station and lavatory
  • Camo Guardian 400
  • Guardian Amphibious landing on water
  • Guardian Cockpit
  • Viking Twin Otter Guardian Door Option
  • S.C.A.R. - 10 Pod
  • Airborne Technologies Console

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