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Supporting Service Delivery Where It's Needed Most

epi shuttle

Currently supporting essential services missions in 17 countries, the Twin Otter is used to respond to emergencies, transport military and government personnel to areas of need and provide links to otherwise inaccessible communities. Supporting applications including ambulance and evacuation activities in addition to special missions, the Twin Otter’s reliable short take-off and landings and ability to traverse small and rough landing strips make it your partner for dependable service delivery.

In remote communities, the Viking Twin Otter Series 400 can help save lives.

Pictured: The EpiShuttle is a single-patient isolation system, specially designed for transport of contagious patients.

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Taking You Places Others Can't

Where rugged durability, easy maintenance in the field and the ability to go where others can't are key to the delivery of essential services, the Series 400 Twin Otter has emerged as the trusted solution. Suitable for all climates and conditions, the Twin Otter’s versatility has made it an ideal tool for transporting equipment and people where they are needed most.

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Viking Twin Otter Zimex landed in remote area

Versatility in Action

With easy transitions from transporting people to cargo to both and back again, the customizable Twin Otter provides you with options that are as diverse as your needs. With an unprecedented wing spar life of 33,000 hours and a fuselage life of 66,000 hours, plus simple maintenance procedures, the Twin Otter is your versatile, long-lasting solution. 

To see how much it would cost to operate the Twin Otter on your route, use our Operating Cost Calculator.

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Submit your mission profile and we'll provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision, including a free customized analysis of the Viking Twin Otter against your mission parameters. 

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Viking Twin Otter

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