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The Twin Otter’s versatile configurations and cargo specific options make it a cost-effective choice for commercial cargo operations. The aircraft is easily loadable, adaptable for missions on land or water, has renowned rugged strip and short field capabilities plus straightforward maintenance requirements.

  • Cabin Length18 ft 5in5.61m
    Cabin Height4 ft 11in1.5m
    Cabin Width5 ft 9in1.75m
    Cabin Volume384 cu. ft10.87 cu. m
    Rear Baggage88 cu. ft.2.5 cu. m
    Nose Baggage36 cu. ft.1 cu. m

Best in Class Capabilities

With versatile configurations, multiple door options and long-life, the Twin Otter provides cargo operators with the performance and reliability they need to succeed. Combining reliable PT6A-34 engines, low airframe maintenance costs, easy maintenance access, a flexible maintenance schedule and an unprecedented fuselage life of 66,000 hours / 132,000 cycles, the aircraft promises a long and economic service life.

Twin Otter Features

  • Combi configurations
  • Multi-door configuration options including standard airstair, folding and roll-up
  • Large access doors with barn and roller door options
  • Floor rollers with 5,000 lbs. breaking strength
  • Entrance roller transfer balls - assembly can be removed in under 5 minutes
  • Static line with each 20-inch section rated at 500 lbs
  • Cargo door on a turboprop aircraft
  • Viking Twin Otter Cargo interiors
  • Viking Twin Otter cargo configuration interior
  • Viking Twin Otter cargo configuration interior
  • Viking Twin Otter cargo cargo interiors static line
  • Viking Twin Otter cargo configuration interior

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