Will Viking be bringing back any other DHC airplanes into production the way it did with the Twin Otter?

This question was recently submitted by a website visitor, and is a common one we get asked due to the popularity of certain DHC aircraft.

Viking owns the Original Type Certificates (manufacturing rights) to all out of production de Havilland aircraft, as well as the DHC-6 Twin Otter. When we restarted production of the Twin Otter in 2007, 21 years after it had originally ended, we knew how popular the Twin Otter still was. The durability and flexibility made the Twin Otter one of the most sought-after utility planes, and that led us to our decision of producing the new Series 400.

At this point, Viking has no current plans to manufacture other DHC aircraft. As with any business, we will keep our options open to best serve our future customers.

Along with production of the Twin Otter, we’re also experts at converting the DHC-2 Beaver from a piston to turbine engine with the installation of the PT6A-34 or -35 engine. This converted plane, called the DHC-2T Turbo Beaver, also features a modernized instrument panel, an improved fuel system, and many other modifications. Viking also offers piston-to-turbine conversions for the DHC-3 Otter as well as a gross weight increase.

Our primary manufacturing facilities in Victoria and Calgary, Canada are currently geared towards the production of the Twin Otter and our maintenance, repair and overhaul services.

If your mission has particular needs, get in touch with us and we’ll help you explore all your options. A Twin Otter configured with the right options, or another converted aircraft, may be the right solution.