What’s the best plane for landing on rivers or small bodies of water?

Floatplanes are used in numerous scenarios to take-off and land on bodies of water. This provides access to remote areas all around the world, where there are no runways available. Whether it be for industrial support, where accessing work sites with personnel or equipment is often not an easy task, or for commercial operations or special missions, having an airplane that is rugged and can land in small clearings can be a tremendous advantage.

For landing on tight runways, a STOL aircraft such as the Viking Twin Otter is ideal because of its short take-off and landing capabilities.

If you’re landing on a river, consider the Twin Otter floatplane configuration, or the amphibious landing gear if your runways will potentially be on land. Not sure what fits your needs best? Speak to our sales contacts near you or Spec Your Aircraft online here.

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