How many Twin Otter aircraft are in operation around the world?

Between the original production by de Havilland and the new production by Viking up to the end of 2015, there are over 500 Twin Otters currently in operation worldwide. Viking has delivered 84 Series 400 Twin Otters so far, and records indicate that over 430 of the “legacy” de Havilland aircraft are still in operation. 

Twin Otters are utilized by governments, airlines and companies for a wide variety of uses including patrols, parachuting, transportation and rescue operations. There are over 140 operators worldwide on every continent.

The durability, versatility and STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) capabilities of the Twin Otter make it ideal for harsher climates and extreme environments, but also for commercial transportation and even flight tours. The different landing gear fittings allow it to land safely on sand, water or snow. Some Twin Otters have been utilized in Antarctica and the Arctic regions of Norway, Canada and Russia while others hop between tiny islands and dense forests in the South Pacific and Caribbean.