How many passengers can a Twin Otter hold?

The Viking Series 400 Twin Otter can hold a maximum of 19 passengers and 2 flight deck crew. This is the standard commuter configuration; however Twin Otter interiors are adaptable to different mission requirements.

Interiors can be reconfigured for VIP, Executive and Corporate shuttling, as well as for skydiving and increased cargo space. Seats are designed to be easily removable, and dividing curtains and an optional rear lavatory can be added as well.

Because of their ability to navigate a variety of environments from frozen tundras to small, sandy island beaches, Twin Otters are used worldwide for commercial transportation. A few of these operators include:

•Grand Canyon Airlines

•Trans Maldivian Airways

•Inuit Air

If you'd like to find out about other operators, visit our interactive map.

If you are interested in using a Viking Twin Otter as a commercial operator, let us know about your mission on this form, and we can provide more detailed information for you.