Configurations & Options

With versatile cabin configurations, multiple main entrance door options and a long fuselage life, the Twin Otter provides operators with the flexibility, performance, and reliability they need to succeed. Combining reliable PT6A-34 engines, low airframe maintenance costs, easy maintenance access, a flexible maintenance schedule and an unprecedented fuselage life of 66,000 hours / 132,000 cycles, the aircraft promises a long and economic service life.

Landing Gear Configurations

Wherever your destination, the Twin Otter Series 400 has the landing gear(s) to get you there. In addition to standard wheel gear configuration, the Series 400 can be fitted with straight floats for dock-to-dock services, amphibious floats for dock to runway operations, wheel skis for snow-covered surfaces, and intermediate floatation gear for soft terrain and off-strip work. With these interchangeable gears, coupled with its short and rough field performance, the Series 400 is trusted by operators to take them where others cannot.

  • Twin Otter with amphibious floats
  • Twin Otter on wheel skis
  • Twin Otter on beach behind a warning sign
  • Twin Otter in water with straight floats

Interior Configurations

Whatever your mission, the Twin Otter Series 400 has you covered with its numerous quick-change interior configurations. For regional commuting and industrial support, the standard Series 400 is equipped with 19 passenger seating. The versatility of the Series 400 allows for additional configurations or a combination of configurations including Corporate/VIP, medevac, cargo, and parajump.

  • Interior view of Twin Otter passenger configuration
  • Interior view of Twin Otter VIP configuration
  • Interior view of Twin Otter medevac configuration
  • Interior view of Twin Otter parajump configuration
  • Interior view of combination cargo-commuter Twin Otter configuration
  • Interior view of alternate Twin Otter passenger configuration

Customize Your Twin Otter

The standard well-equipped Twin Otter can be further customized to meet the operator’s requirements. A number of options from increased fuel capacity to airframe de-ice, or specialized avionics to customized paint and interiors are available to configure your aircraft to meet your precise operational needs.  

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