Twin Otter Series 400

Since its first flight in 1965, the Twin Otter has earned a reputation around the globe for its versatility and reliability in a variety of extreme environments. From executive and private travel, to commercial operations in some of the most challenging conditions on earth, the number of operators and breadth of industries supported by the Twin Otter are a testament to its flexibility and durability.

The Twin Otter also boasts unrivaled versatility within each of its many operational applications. As a regional connectivity transportation solution, it is used worldwide for island hopping and commuter travel, offering flexible quick-change interior options in its configurable 19-passenger cabin. Additionally, its robust fuselage, convertible cabin and exceptional performance capabilities allow for effective industrial support, critical infrastructure, environmental monitoring, special missions, and cargo transport operations.

The Viking Series 400 Twin Otter provides the versatility, flexibility and performance to satisfy any operational requirement.

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Twin Otter cockpit interior
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Twin Otter cabin interior
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