Unbeatable Long-Term Value

Twin Otter cockpitThe Twin Otter holds a residual resale and finance value better than any commercial single- or multi-engine turboprop or piston. Period. Aircraft Bluebook, corroborated by regular used aircraft listings show 30-year old Twin Otter values at 170%+ of original price compared to residual percentages in the 60-70% range for competitor types.

According to available records, of the original 844 de Havilland Twin Otters, over 430 are still in operation. It’s no wonder either, as Twin Otters are some of the most sought-after aircraft. Their durability and ability to handle any mission has kept them in demand for over 30 years. The Twin Otter’s variable costs of operation (fuel, parts and repair and maintenance labour) provide direct operating costs that are extremely competitive with all other utility aircraft options. When combined with the ROI benefits of the aircraft’s extremely long useful life and residual value, the long term cash flow benefits of operating a Twin Otter really stand out.

We also offer to variants of the standard Series 400 Twin Otter that are even more economical, such the 400S optimized seaplane which is specially configured for quick turnarounds between cycles by reducing weight and incorporating an avionics-dedicated battery.

Operated in 30 countries worldwide, the Twin Otter helps operators succeed in rugged environments and remote regions. Contact us below to receive more details about the long-term value for your unique mission type.

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