A Great Network of Operators

Historic Twin OtterSince its first flight over 50 years ago in 1965, the Twin Otter's operator base has dwarfed that of our competitors, both in size and in scope. Today over 140 operators fly approximately 500 aircraft on every continent, including Antarctica. The various ways to spec a Twin Otter, whether for cargo, passenger transport or even emergency missions, means the operator network is both vast and diverse. This network provides Viking with continuous positive field input about parts and service support and is a great source of advice and guidance for new operators.

Viking offers a number of support services for our new aircrafts to ensure a successful transition from factory to flight. In-field technical support, aircraft ferry services, and flight and maintenance training are just some of the services Viking provides for customers.

The network of Twin Otter operators captures the flexibility and durability of the aircraft. Commercial transport, emergency services, surveying and exploration, and coastal surveillance are just some of the ways our operator network has utilized the Twin Otter. Tell us your mission and we’ll help you craft the Twin Otter that’s right for you.

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