A Reputation for Easy Maintenance

Twin Otter specsThe Twin Otter has a great reputation for simple maintenance procedures that can be easily implemented in the field. If you do need assistance, Viking support services are available 24/7. Additionally, given the over 900 deliveries worldwide with over 500 aircraft still in operation, it's not difficult to find a Twin Otter mechanic, repair shop or part.

Viking first started supplying spare parts for de Havilland aircraft in 1983, and today we are still the preferred source for the legacy fleet of de Havilland aircrafts. No matter what way you choose to spec your Twin Otter, we can supply you with the parts or put you in touch with someone who can. We currently supply parts to well over 90% of the current operator network. High usage parts are available off the shelf and generally shipped within 24 hours of order. Viking also offers complete maintenance, repair and overhaul services, providing support from day one.

Our spares support includes a searchable list of parts for easy navigation, and our network of service centres is there to provide the support you need. 

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