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Customize Your Twin Otter

The standard Twin Otter comes well equipped – from fuel systems to landing gear, a number of options are available to make your aircraft versatile to meet your mission needs.

Our Options Guide (PDF) includes optional equipment price list, equipment descriptions and exchange weights for your aircraft. Request our Options Guide (PDF) and speak to your regional rep to get more details on the Twin Otter options.

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Ice and Freezing Rain Protection

Ice and Rain Protection - Flight into Known Icing (FIKI) Package

This is a complete de-ice package for certification into known icing conditions and consists of the following three options.

  • Wing and Tail De-Ice
  • Windshields - Glass Electrically Heated
  • Propellers - Electrically Heated

Cold Weather Operations Kit

This option provides warming in sub zero environments to key engine start components (including battery) and the multi-function display.

Twin Otter Series 400 - Powerplant and Propellers

Landing Gear

Straight Floatplane Conversion

This provides for the complete installation of Wipline 13000SEA straight floats. This complete conversion requires the three options below.

  • Flight Control Cables - Stainless Steel
  • Float Reinforcements
  • Propellers with Prop Pitch Latches (non de-ice)

Straight Floats Only

The Wipaire floats can be provided as a standalone item for operators who want a different landing gear configuration delivered but with floats also supplied. Operators will still be required to install the options above in order to use the floats.

Amphibious Floatplane Conversion

This covers the complete installation of Wipline 13000 amphibious floats including amphibious hydraulic system and the items as follows:

  • Flight Control Cables - Stainless Steel
  • Float Reinforcements
  • Propellers with Prop Pitch Latches (non de-ice)

Amphibious Floats Only

This is for the amphibious floats only for operators who want a different landing gear configuration. Operators will still be required to install the options above in order to use the floats.

Wheel Skis

Hydraulically operated wheel skis that permit operation on both hard surface or ice and snow. Ski operations require the installation of Propellers with Pitch Latches.

Intermediate Floatation Gear (Large Tires)

This provides a soft field landing capability using the standard 11"x12" wheel rims with increased tire size tires for both nose and main landing gear. A larger nose fork is installed to accommodate the larger size tire (36"x13"x12").

Twin Otter with floats landing on waterTwin Otter landing on skisTwin Otter with Intermediate Floatation Gear (Large Tires)

Air Conditioning and Oxygen Systems

Crew Oxygen System

Oxygen supplied to the cockpit for operations above 10,000ft. Standard duration of 160 mins. It consists of one oxygen cylinder located in the forward nose compartment and two constant flow masks. Pricing for an optional quick donning mask system and a larger tank is available on request.

Passenger Oxygen System

Installation of two oxygen cylinders in rear baggage compartment and 20 constant flow oxygen masks located in overhead pouches throughout the cabin to provide oxygen for 19 passengers for up to 90 minutes duration (standard) for aircraft operation above 10,000 feet.


Passenger Oxygen System

Airframe and Fuel System

Alternate Flight Control Cables

Stainless steel cables are an option to the standard carbon steel cables and are recommended for saline environments.

Increased Fuel Capacity

These aluminum wing tip tanks provide a total of 89 additional US gallons. These are integral to the wing and make no change to the wing contour.

Additional Corrosion Protection

This provides enhanced protective coating which gives additional protection for long term operation in highly corrosive environments.


XM Aviation Weather Display on MFD

The XM system is available for Continental USA operations only.

Electronic Charts and Maps Display on MFD

Programming capability and initial data load to display Jeppesen charts and maps on multi-function display.

Non-Emergency Checklists Display on MFD

Programming capability to display non-emergency checklist on multifunction display.

HF Radio

Installation of Honeywell KHD 1050 high frequency radio with the PS 440 Control Head.

Second ADF

Second Radar Altimeter

Upgrade to TCAS II

This option removes the standard TCAS I system and updates to TCAS II which features Traffic Advisory (TA) and Resolution Advisory (RA).

Three Axis Autopilot with Integral Yaw Damper

Installation of auto pilot system including controller, software load, servo, bracket, wiring, bridle cables and switching.

Synthetic Vision

Installation of Honeywell “Smart View” Synthetic Vision system to allow for three dimensional viewing of external topography on primary flight display or multi-function display.

Coupled VNAV

This software upgrade to the Aircraft Personality Module (APM) improves flight director vertical modes with the introduction of modes that couple the FMS vertical flight plan to the flight director.

LPV Approach Capability

This software upgrade to the APM provides a Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) non-precision approach capability using the Wide Area Access Service (WAAS) GPS.

Aircraft Satellite Comms/Tracking System

This system consists of the following two component options:

  • Digital capture of key flight and engine parameters using wireless download. Consists of Engine Condition Trend Monitoring ECTM / Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) Data Capture - Latitude Technologies IONode System.
  • Satellite Communications System - Latitude Technologies SkyNode System allowing real time aircraft monitoring and satellite communication.

Float Mounted Depth Sounder

Installation of float mounted depth sounder with integrated cockpit display to indicate water depth while operating on floats.

VHF- FM Transceiver (Marine Radio)

This option is designed for use in communication with marine vessels or land stations (Technisonic TFM-138B).


Cabin Emergency Lighting System

Installation of enhanced lighting for emergency evacuation of the passenger cabin.

Passenger Cabin Wireless Headset System

Integration of wireless headset system in the passenger cabin, including provision of 8 EQ1 headsets.

Certification, Paint, Placards and Markings

Please contact us for details on these options.

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Cabin Furnishings and Loose Equipment

Third Rail Seat Track

This track allows the right hand side of the cabin to be configured with a single seat in addition to the standard double seat and is also required for the cargo loading system.

Coin Mat Floor Covering

Provision of abrasion resistant coin mat flooring to cover and protect existing floor panels throughout cabin and cockpit.

Rear Cabin Door

This provides a door at the centre of the rear bulkhead allowing access from the cabin into the Baggage Compartment. It removes a middle bulkhead passenger seat.

Cargo Net

This is a loose equipment item. This webbed nylon net is 18 feet by 5.5 feet with both loop and clip fittings for use in cargo operations.

Cargo Loading System

Twin Otter cargo configurations

This provides the ability to allow small pallets of cargo to be rolled forward and aft during aerial re-supply operations. Situated on top of and secured to the existing seat rails. This system is comprised of rollers along the length of the cabin and a ball mat system to facilitate easy loading. It requires the Third Rail Seat Track.

Pilot Cockpit Fans

Provides additional cockpit air circulation via electrical fans above each of the pilot’s and co-pilot’s seats.

Pilot Window Vent (snap type)

Provides additional cockpit air circulation via a snap type vent mounted in the window of the pilot door.

Pilot Window Vent (vista type)

Provides additional cockpit air circulation via an adjustable “vista” type vent mounted in the window of the pilot door.

Executive / VIP Interiors

Fold Out Table Assembly

Twin Otter with Executive/VIP Interior

Installation of two sidewall mounted pull-out table assemblies to compliment VIP club seating in the forward cabin, finished in operator-selected laminate.


Installation of wall mounted galley in aft cabin (R/H side), including provision of microwave and storage cabinets.

Aft Lavatory

This lavatory is located in a portion of the aft baggage compartment space. It incorporates a folding wall and door in the rear cabin bulkhead (station 332) and removes the middle commuter seat at that station. The lavatory is a chemical toilet that is removable for servicing.

Lavatory External Service Panel

Installation of external access panel for ground servicing of aft lavatory.

Executive/VIP Aft Lavatory

Special Mission Furnishings

Please visit Special Missions to learn about options for parachuting, medevac, natural resources monitoring and more.

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