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Viking Twin Otter operating costs

Utility aircraft operating costs depend heavily on the type of operation, aircraft configuration and utilization. The chart below provides indicative direct operating costs for a wheeled landing gear Twin Otter.

Another key component of long term operating costs is the ultimate useful life of the aircraft and/or the residual value of the aircraft when you come to sell it. The Twin Otter is unmatched in both of these categories.

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Direct Operation Costs Per-Flight Hour

  • Fuel Cost$344.83
    Airframe and Propeller Maintenance$139.58
    Engine Restoration Cost$180.50
    Total Direct Operating Cost$664.91

Direct Operating Cost Assumptions & Sources


Fuel cost is based on an average ground speed of 165kts and typical sector fuel burn of 575lb per hour at a fuel cost of $4 per US Gallon.

Airframe and Propeller Maintenance

Airframe and propeller maintenance cost assumes an annual utilization of 1200 flight hours (FH) and a cycle to FH ratio of 2. It is based on a combination of labour costs and parts costs.

Engine Restoration

This covers engine overhaul and component life costs based on Viking Air estimates of typical overhaul costs and current overhaul, HSI and component life limits.

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