Twin Otter Information

The Twin Otter’s legendary versatility is built on a solid foundation of reliable technology and recognized service. Whether you are interested in a new or used aircraft, for commercial flights or unique missions, the Twin Otter is up to the challenge.

Step inside a Twin Otter for a virtual tour, explore its varied features and enhancement options, and review technical specifications and configurations. Find out how Viking’s experts can help you with a free and customized assessment of your business needs against the Twin Otter’s extensive capabilities.

Technical Description
Twin Otter cockpit interior
Learn more about the Twin Otter's specifications and configurations.
Virtual Tour
Twin Otter cabin interior
Our virtual tour lets you explore the standard 19-seat Twin Otter any time, from anywhere.
New Aircraft Support
Viking Twin Otter MASwings key delivery
Viking creates the conditions for operators to succeed.
What's Your Mission?
Twin Otter on runway
Receive your free, customized analysis of the Twin Otter against your mission parameters.