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400S Seaplane

The Viking 400S Seaplane

The Viking 400S is specifically designed as an economical seaplane for commercial operations on short to medium flight segments. The standard 17-passenger aircraft is listed at USD $6.1M and can achieve a breakeven load factor of around 8 passengers under typical operating conditions.

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The 400S is optimized for quick turnaround between cycles, incorporating double swing-out doors at the aft passenger entrance with access through the cabin to the rear baggage compartment for quick loading. An avionics-dedicated battery allows the cockpit screens to remain live during short turns. This Seaplane is equipped with new generation composite floats that further reduce the aircraft weight. The overall weight savings allows the standard 400S to carry a 17-passenger load over 150 nautical miles with typical reserves.

Seaplane Performance

SFAR23 Takeoff and Landing Distances
Takeoff distance to 50 ft.2,247 ft. (685 m)
Landing distance from 50 ft.1,741 ft. (531 m)
ISA+10 Maximum Cruise Speeds, TAS
2,000 ft.153 kt
4,000 ft.154 kt
8,000 ft.156.5 kt
Performance Assumptions Used:
  • Takeoff distances are based on both engines operating at takeoff power throughout. Takeoff and landing distances assume zero wind and calm water surface at sea level.
  • Operational Empty Weight is 8,305 lbs. (3,767 kg.) and assumes a standard aircraft fitted with 17 commuter seats operating with a crew of 2 at 190 lbs. (86.2 kg.) each.
  • All performance numbers are given as ISA+10 conditions.
Payload for 50 nm range3,636 lbs. (1,649 kg.)
Payload for 100 nm range3,429 lbs. (1,555 kg.)
Payload for 150 nm range3,245 lbs. (1,472 kg.)
Payload for 200 nm range3,039 lbs. (1,378 kg.)
Payload range data is based on the following assumptions:
  • Cruise at max cruise power at 8,000 ft. (2,438 m) for both 150 nm and 200 nm segments, and at 5,000 ft. (1,524 m) for both 50 nm and 100 nm segments.
  • Climb at maximum power and descent at 500 feet/minute.
  • Taxi, takeoff and landing fuel allowance of 35 lbs. (16 kg.).
  • IFR fuel reserve of 300 lbs. (136kg.).
  • Fuel consumption based on engine manufacturer's specification.


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