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de Havilland Canada aircraft are recognized the world over for their reliability and longevity, and Viking is committed to keeping the fleet operational and in service for years to come. This commitment includes simplifying access to current versions of and revisions to Maintenance and Flight Manuals for DHC-2 Beaver through to DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. Viking has worked with Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) to provide up-to-date, digital versions of the technical libraries that are easily accessible and available by subscription.

Current Manual Status List, DHC-2 to DHC-7


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Service Bulletins

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The table below contains the full list of service bulletins that have been issued in relation to DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-6 Twin Otter and DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. This list is for reference purposes only. To purchase a subscription to a digital library, please contact Aircraft Technical Publishers. To obtain a copy of a particular service bulletin or for more information, please contact our Technical Publications Administrator.

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Aircraft S/B No. Title Original Issuesort ascending Latest Issue
DHC-2 V2/0001

Ignition  - Replacement of Maneto Firewall Connector

Jun 27, 2007
DHC-3 A3/53

Ignition - Special Inspection of Firewall connector in Magneto Cable

Jul 4, 2006 May 28, 2004 'B'
DHC-7 7-57-40

WINGS - Modification to the Rear Spar Spoiler Synchro Wire Routing
(All Aircraft)

Jun 27, 2006 Sep 19, 2006 'A'
DHC-2 2/55

Wing Strut Assembly Lower Attachment Fittings - Eddy Current Inspection

Jun 23, 2006
DHC-2T 2/55

Wing Strut Assembly Lower Attachment Fittings -Eddy Current Inspection

Jun 23, 2006
DHC-6 6/543

Wing - Ultrasonic inspection of the upper wing skin inboard and outboard sides of the LH and RH engine nacelles
(Superseded by SB V6/0018)

Jun 6, 2006 Sep 1, 2006 'A'
DHC-7 7-22-20

Automatic Flight Control System - Inspection/Replacement of Elevator and Aileron Servo Drive Part Numbers.
(A/C 3 thru 113)

May 29, 2006
DHC-2 V2SB001

DHC-2 Type Certificate Ownership Transfer

Feb 1, 2006
DHC-2T V2SB0001

DHC-2 Type Certificate Ownership Transfer

Feb 1, 2006
DHC-7 7-28-23

Fuel - Left and Right Hand Tanks - Special Inspection for Bonding Integrity and Condition of the Bonding Jumpers, Conduit, Probes and Related Components
- Modification 7/1397 (A/C 3 thru 113)

Aug 20, 2002
DHC-6 6/526

Navigation - Installation of D.C. Attitude Indicator in Lieu of A.C. Attitude Indicator - SOO 6176
(All A/C)

Jul 6, 2001
DHC-6 6/528

Landing Gear - Main - Inspection of Stay Strut End Fitting for Cotter Pin and Rectification
(All A/C)

Jun 18, 2001
DHC-3 V3/SB0001

DHC-3 Type Certificate Ownership Transfer

Feb 6, 2001
DHC-6 6/533

Landing Gear - Nosewheel Steering
- Improved Steering Collar
- SOO 6183
(All A/C)

Apr 11, 2000 May 4, 2001 'A'
DHC-6 6/527

Ignition - Installation of Spark Ignition
- Mod 6/1912
(All A/C)

Mar 6, 2000 Oct 13, 2000 'C'
DHC-7 7-27-90

Flight Controls - Ground Spoilers - Installation of In-Line Filters in Hydraulic Pressure Hoses
- Modification 7/2741
Serial Numbers 003 thru 113

Sep 3, 1999
DHC-7 A7-32-103

Landing Gear - Special Inspection of Endcaps on Landing Gear Selector Valve (and Rectification)
- Modification 7/2742
All Serial Numbers

Sep 3, 1999
DHC-2 TB/60

Fuselage - Special Inspection of Rear Bulkhead at Station 228

Aug 30, 1998
DHC-7 7-54-19

Nacelles - Inboard - Lower Longeron, Upper Half - Special Inspection for Corrosion, Rectification and Incorporation of Modification 7/2731
Serial Numbers 004 thru 113 excluding
Serial Numbers 037 and 061

Jan 2, 1998 Apr 16, 1999 'C'
DHC-7 A7-32-102

Landing Gear - Brakes and Nose Doors
-  Special Inspection of Shuttle Valves and Replacement of Filter Fittings
All Models Serial Numbers 003 thru 113 with Brake Shuttle Valves
Serial Numbers 2162A thru 2244A installed

Oct 22, 1997 Nov 26, 1997 'A'