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de Havilland Canada aircraft are recognized the world over for their reliability and longevity, and Viking is committed to keeping the fleet operational and in service for years to come. This commitment includes simplifying access to current versions of and revisions to Maintenance and Flight Manuals for DHC-2 Beaver through to DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. Viking has worked with Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) to provide up-to-date, digital versions of the technical libraries that are easily accessible and available by subscription.

Current Manual Status List, DHC-2 to DHC-7


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Service Bulletins

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The table below contains the full list of service bulletins that have been issued in relation to DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-6 Twin Otter and DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. This list is for reference purposes only. To purchase a subscription to a digital library, please contact Aircraft Technical Publishers. To obtain a copy of a particular service bulletin or for more information, please contact our Technical Publications Administrator.

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Aircraft S/B No. Title Original Issue Latest Issue
DHC-6 6/62

Intake Deflector/Snow Separator Operating Instructions
(All A/C)

Nov 9, 1967
DHC-6 6/61

De-Icing System - Inspection for Condensate
(All A/C equipped with airframe de-icing)

Nov 9, 1967
DHC-6 6/60

Cabin Ceiling - Additional Fasteners to Ensure Security
Mod. 6/1097
(A/C 9 thru 57)

Nov 8, 1967
DHC-6 6/59

Elevator Spar L.H. - Interim Modification
See S/B 6/65
Mod. 6/1134
(A/C 1 thru 94)

Nov 3, 1967
DHC-6 6/58

Airstair Door Treads - Repair (A/C 1 and Sub. Incorporating Airstair Door Without Extended Step)

Nov 21, 1967
DHC-6 6/57

Anti-Collision Beacon - Grimes G8400A-24 Installation
Mod. 6/1116
(A/C 1 thru 70)

Oct 26, 1967
DHC-6 6/56

Windshields, Cabin, Windows and Skin Joint - Resealing
(All A/C)

Nov 6, 1967
DHC-6 6/55

Pilot/Co-Pilot Seats - Introduction of Arm Rests
Mod. 6/1029
(A/C 1 thru 35)

Oct 13, 1967
DHC-6 6/543

Wing - Ultrasonic inspection of the upper wing skin inboard and outboard sides of the LH and RH engine nacelles
(Superseded by SB V6/0018)

Jun 6, 2006 Sep 1, 2006 'A'
DHC-6 6/54

Navigation Lights - Wing Tip Indicator
Mod. 6/1024
(A/C 1 thru 14)

Oct 13, 1967
DHC-6 6/539


DHC-6 6/538


DHC-6 6/537


DHC-6 6/536


DHC-6 6/535


DHC-6 6/534


DHC-6 6/533

Landing Gear - Nosewheel Steering
- Improved Steering Collar
- SOO 6183
(All A/C)

Apr 11, 2000 May 4, 2001 'A'
DHC-6 6/532


DHC-6 6/531


DHC-6 6/530