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De Havilland Canada aircraft are recognized the world over for their reliability and longevity, and Viking is committed to keeping the fleet operational and in service for years to come. This commitment includes simplifying access to current versions of and revisions to Maintenance and Flight Manuals for DHC-2 Beaver through to DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. Viking has worked with Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) to provide up-to-date, digital versions of the technical libraries that are easily accessible and available by subscription.

Current Manual Status List for DHC Aircraft

Manual Status List – DHC-2 to DHC-7

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Service Bulletins

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The table below contains the full list of service bulletins that have been issued in relation to DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-6 Twin Otter and DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. This list is for reference purposes only. To purchase a subscription to a digital library, please contact Aircraft Technical Publishers. To obtain a copy of a particular service bulletin or for more information, please contact our CSPS Technical Publications Coordinator at csps-tp@vikingair.com.

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Aircraft S/B No. Title Original Issue Latest Issue
DHC-6 V6/0013

Instructions For Re-labeling DHC-6 Control Column Using Authorized Data Plate
(S/N 845 and 846)

Apr 6, 2011
DHC-6 V6/0012

Instructions For Re-labeling DHC-6 Main Landing Gear Using Authorized Data Plate
(S/N 845 and 846)

Apr 6, 2011
DHC-6 V6/0011


DHC-6 V6/0010

Fastener Corrosion Prevention for Carbon Fibre Composite Assemblies
(DHC-6/400 S/N 845, 846 & 849)

May 26, 2011
DHC-6 V6/0009

Drain Hole Installation for Lower Engine Cowls
(ALL Post Mod 6/1505)

Apr 6, 2011 Feb 10, 2018 'A'
DHC-6 V6/0008

Reverse Current Relay (RCR) Operator Survey Campaign

Feb 8, 2012
DHC-6 V6/0007


DHC-6 V6/0006


DHC-6 V6/0005


DHC-6 V6/0004

Inspection for Hinge Boom C6WM1057-30 Installed on DHC-6 S/N 603

Apr 6, 2011
DHC-6 V6/0003

Inspection Following Volcanic Ash Condition
(All A/C)

Jun 16, 2010
DHC-6 V6/0002

DHC-6 Fuselage Main Frame Bushings
(All A/C)

Feb 24, 2011
DHC-6 V6/0001

Retrofit T5 Indication - C6VMK0002
(Series 300)

Feb 26, 2008
DHC-6 AV6/0039

Defective Engine Cowling Latches - P/N C6EC1002-95 (PDM60L1-2AA) Cowl Latches Installed

Dec 28, 2012
DHC-6 AV6/0030

Defective Engine Cowling Latches - P/N C6EC1002-93
(S/N 587, 652, 781, 849, 850, 852, 853 and 854)

Dec 2, 2011
DHC-6 A6/387

Engine Controls - Propeller Reversing Interconnect Linkage - Special Inspection
(A/C 1 thru 230 Less 130 and 210)

Oct 10, 1979 Nov 16, 1984 'A'
DHC-6 6/99

Windscreen Washer - Use of 100% Isopropyl Alcohol
Mod. 6/1137
(A/C 1 thru 104)

Feb 2, 1968 Sep 14, 1984 'A'
DHC-6 6/98

Elevator Trim Controls - Swivel Pulley - Inspection and Rectification - (This S/B is Canceled by Incorporation of S/B 6/107)
(A/C 1 thru 105)

Feb 5, 1968
DHC-6 6/97

Battery - 39 AMP/HR Heavy Duty - Introduction
S.O.O. 6018
(A/C 1 thru 135)

Feb 1, 1968
DHC-6 6/96

Wheel - Ski-Plane - Take Off/Landing Weight - Increased to 11,579 and 11,400 lb.
(A/C 6 thru 230)

Feb 5, 1968