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de Havilland Canada aircraft are recognized the world over for their reliability and longevity, and Viking is committed to keeping the fleet operational and in service for years to come. This commitment includes simplifying access to current versions of and revisions to Maintenance and Flight Manuals for DHC-2 Beaver through to DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. Viking has worked with Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) to provide up-to-date, digital versions of the technical libraries that are easily accessible and available by subscription.

Current Manual Status List, DHC-2 to DHC-7


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Service Bulletins

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The table below contains the full list of service bulletins that have been issued in relation to DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-6 Twin Otter and DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. This list is for reference purposes only. To purchase a subscription to a digital library, please contact Aircraft Technical Publishers. To obtain a copy of a particular service bulletin or for more information, please contact our Technical Publications Administrator.

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Aircraft S/B No.sort ascending Title Original Issue Latest Issue
DHC-6 V6/0035


DHC-6 V6/0034

Interior Placard Improvements

Jun 4, 2013
DHC-6 V6/0033

Pulley - Flap Follow-up Control System
(Series 300, S/N 751)
(Series 400, S/N 845 to 854)

Feb 6, 2012
DHC-6 V6/0032

Door Outer Handles Replacement
(Cancelled and Superseded by TB V6/00050)

Jul 16, 2013 Oct 21, 2014 'B'
DHC-6 V6/0031

Pitot Head - Increased Corrosion Protection

Mar 14, 2013
DHC-6 V6/0029


DHC-6 V6/0028


DHC-6 V6/0027


DHC-6 V6/0026

Incorrect Rivet Installations - Fuselage and Wings

Mar 7, 2013
DHC-6 V6/0025

Inspection of Fuel System for Part Mark Tapes

Feb 7, 2013
DHC-6 V6/0024

Internal Fuel Leak Test & Thermal Relief Check Valves
(S/N 1 thru 850)

Oct 11, 2011
DHC-6 V6/0023

Fuel Flow Divider - Snow Separator Actuator Interference

(S/N 845 thru 848)

Jun 22, 2012
DHC-6 V6/0022

Aileron Cables Fouling at Fuselage Skin - Inspection

Feb 4, 2013 Jun 13, 2014 'B'
DHC-6 V6/0021

Fire Detection Probe Assembly - Protective Sealant - Engine
(S/N 845 thru 851)

Jun 3, 2011 Sep 28, 2011 'D'
DHC-6 V6/0020

Instructions to Bring Wing Doubler C6W1047-45 Into Conformance With The Production Drawing
(S/N 845 thru 850)

May 26, 2011 Jun 10, 2011 'A'
DHC-6 V6/0019

Baggage Restraint Panel - Retrofit

Aug 30, 2013
DHC-6 V6/0018

Wing - Ultrasonic Inspection of the Upper Wing Skin Inboard and Outboard Sides of the LH and RH Engine Nacelles - (Supersedes SB 6/543)

Mar 4, 2013 Apr 3, 2013 'A'
DHC-6 V6/0017


DHC-6 V6/0016

Instructions for DHC-6 Main Landing Gear Maintenance Schedule and Methodology and Serialization

Dec 7, 2011 May 23, 2018 'B'
DHC-6 V6/0015

Drain Hole Modifications for Cockpit Doors

Apr 6, 2011