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De Havilland Canada aircraft are recognized the world over for their reliability and longevity, and Viking is committed to keeping the fleet operational and in service for years to come. This commitment includes simplifying access to current versions of and revisions to Maintenance and Flight Manuals for DHC-2 Beaver through to DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. Viking has worked with Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) to provide up-to-date, digital versions of the technical libraries that are easily accessible and available by subscription.

Current Manual Status List for DHC & CL Aircrafts

Manual Status List – DHC-2 to DHC-7

Manual Status List - CL-215/215T/415/415MP

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Service Bulletins

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The table below contains the full list of service bulletins that have been issued in relation to DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-6 Twin Otter and DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft. This list is for reference purposes only. To purchase a subscription to a digital library, please contact Aircraft Technical Publishers. To obtain a copy of a particular service bulletin or for more information, please contact our Technical Publications Administrator.

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Aircraft S/B No. Title Original Issuesort descending Latest Issue
DHC-6 V6/0046

Not Issued

DHC-6 6/334

Fire Extinguisher Model 2-10
Mod. 6/1542
(A/C 1 thru 510)

DHC-2 2/42

Not applicable

DHC-7 7-57-38


DHC-6 6/530



Operators should be aware that Incorporation of this Modification Retrofit Kit 7MK1327 -003 also Necessitates the Installation of Modification 7/1704 - Baggage Door Stay Replacement - S/B 7-52-14

DHC-7 7-22-15

Not issued

DHC-3 V3/0004


DHC-7 7-25-54


DHC-7 7-57-39


DHC-6 6/531


DHC-7 7-24-50

Electrical Power - DC External/Internal Power Transfer - Introduction of Time Delay Relays
- Modification 7/2184
(A/C 3 thru 90 and 94)

DHC-3 3/892

Additional Rivets in Fuselage Skin
Above Main Undercarriage Pick-Up Fitting.

Jul 6, 1962
DHC-3 3/893

Solenoid - Amphibious Floats Control Console - To Introduce Alternative.

Dec 3, 1962
DHC-3 3/896

Muff Assembly - Carburetor Hot Air - To Provide for Thermal Expansion.

Jun 25, 1963
DHC-6 6/01

Airworthiness Directives - DHC-6 Twin Otter (All A/C as Noted in Applicability Column)

Dec 21, 1966 Jan 1, 2002 'Revision 7'
DHC-2 TB/1

New Procedure to be Used for Issuing Service Bulletins

Dec 21, 1966 Mar 31, 1977
DHC-6 6/03

Fuel Boost Pump - Replacement or Rework of Seal Drain Tube
Mod. 6/1018
(A/C 1 thru 5)

Jan 13, 1967
DHC-6 6/02

Engine Impeller and Compressor Turbine Disk
Early Retirement
(See Bulletin for Applicability)

Jan 16, 1967
DHC-6 6/04

Fuel Boost Pump - Seal Drain Tube Shortening
Mod. 6/1041
(A/C 1 thru 15)

Jan 16, 1967