Flight and Maintenance Training

A complete training package for both pilots and mechanics is available for DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft through a combination of courses offered by Viking, Pacific Sky Aviation (Viking’s sister company), and FlightSafety Canada.

Pacific Sky Aviation

Based at Victoria International Airport in British Columbia, Canada, Pacific Sky Aviation specializes in Transport Canada approved flight training for private and commercial pilot licenses and ratings. In addition, it has recently begun to offer flight operations and seaplane base consulting services. As a sister company to Viking, Pacific Sky also provides Twin Otter development and production flight testing services for all Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft, ferry services to customer locations, and in-country Twin Otter pilot training.

FlightSafety Canada

FlightSafety Canada in Toronto, Ontario, offers the initial Twin Otter type training program for pilots and mechanics, and Pacific Sky at Victoria International Airport, British Columbia offers differences training for the Series 400 aircraft. The differences courses from Pacific Sky can be conducted at the Pacific Sky facility in Victoria or another mutually agreeable location, and can utilize the buyer’s aircraft.

Level "D" Full Flight Simulator / Seaplane Trainer

Pacific Sky Aviation has contracted TRU Simulation + Training (formerly Mechtronix) of Montréal, Québec to develop a state-of-the-art Level "D" Full Flight Simulator / Seaplane Trainer, the world's first full flight simulator to feature a seaplane configuration.

Ready for training in mid-2017, the simulator will be incorporated at Viking’s final assembly facility located at the Calgary International Airport. Calgary offers convenient flight connections for international customers travelling from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Contact Pacific Sky Aviation for more information.

Initial DHC-6 Training

The FlightSafety course curriculum is the approved training course for the Twin Otter Series 100-300 aircraft. At the end of the training, pilots will be able to safely and efficiently operate the Twin Otter Series 100-300 aircraft, as well as perform duties and responsibilities associated with either a one-crew or two-crew cockpit operation as required. (Course location: Toronto, Canada. Length: 9 days)

The FlightSafety Maintenance course is designed to meet the training requirements of a fully qualified and experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who has limited or no experience maintaining a Twin Otter. The course includes component location, normal operation, inspection, service and repair of aircraft systems. Special emphasis is placed on troubleshooting, adjustment and rigging procedures of the more complex systems. (Course location: Toronto, Canada. Length: 10 days)

DHC-6-400 Differences Training

After the initial flight and maintenance training is completed, or for experienced legacy Twin Otter operators, Viking/Pacific Sky provides a Series 400 differences course, which highlights only the differences between the original Series 100-300 aircraft and the new Series 400 aircraft, including the new Honeywell Apex avionics suite. (Course location: Victoria, Canada or customer’s location. Length: Flight 5-6 days, Maintenance 5 days)

FlightSafety Canada also offers a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A Engine Line and Base Maintenance course.

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