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Twin Otter Versatility

Whether your mission is transporting passengers, patrolling coastlines, providing critical infrastructure support to remote communities, or conducting emergency medevac operations, the Twin Otter’s versatility and performance capability in extreme environments can always be relied upon. With a selection of Viking Twin Otter upgrade options now available, you can further optimize your aircraft with enhanced features designed specifically for your mission type.

Upgrade with Medevac Equipment

The Twin Otter’s versatility enables operators to quickly redeploy aircraft to secondary roles when needed most, such as providing emergency medevac support to remote communities. Now you can equip your Twin Otter with medevac equipment for this critical mission.


    Convert a Twin Otter into an Air Ambulance - EMS

    Convert your aircraft with air ambulance configurations to support the safe transport of patients. Installation is quick and simple, with options to include medical support equipment in fixed positions around the stretcher, or practically stored for easy access.

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      Factory-New Twin Otter Wing Boxes In Stock (All Series)

      Viking has factory-new Twin Otter Wing Boxes (all Series*) in stock and available on a first-order basis. If your aircraft is coming due for Wing Box replacement, contact us for pricing.

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      *Series 100, 200 and 300 are in stock. For Series 400 you can get them made to order.

      Twin Otter Series 300 Wings Available

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