Convert a Twin Otter into an Air Ambulance - EMS

Convert your aircraft into an air ambulance with stretcher configurations to support the safe transport of patients. Installation is quick and simple, with options to include medical support equipment in fixed positions around the stretcher, or practically stored for easy access.

Offered by Viking, this Air Ambulance module is extremely versatile, lightweight, compact and fits perfectly in the Twin Otter cabin. Its unique seat rail adapter allows for quick and easy conversion of the aircraft from executive to EMS configuration in approximately 15 minutes. The aircraft can be easily used for multiple roles and eliminates time-consuming conversions. No special tools are required for the conversion.

Air Ambulance conversion benefits include:

  • Stretcher with a fully adjustable backrest, thick foam pad, lightweight frame, durable construction and expandable armrests for increased patient comfort. Expandable armrests better accommodate bariatric patients and allow medical crew more access for patient care.
  • Patient monitoring devices and medical equipment can be secured to module using different equipment table, bridge, and IV pole models.
  • Optional Overhead/Medwall supply panel is movable along the length of the patient, or fully removable. Medwall features an exam light and second set of pneumatic outlets, keeping aisles free from clutter and equipment.
  • This flexible modular system can be configured to secure a stretcher for adult patients, or an infant transport deck for an incubator or cylinder housing for neonatal patients.

Custom Conversion Details:

2800-002 44 Ambulance Module Assembly, including:

  • Seat Rail Adapter Part Number 6382
  • Patient Stretcher
  • 3500 Liter Oxygen Cylinder
  • Accessory Table Assembly
  • Monitor Post
  • I.V. Pole Assembly
  • O2-Flow Meter and Silicon Masks Adult/Child
  • Patient Loader

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