Twin Otter Series 400 Order Book / Sales Network Continues to Grow

Airfast Indonesia Signs Purchase Agreement, ADIC Assigned Rep for Philippines

(Paris, France, June 22nd, 2011):  Following on the heels of a multiple aircraft purchase from the Government of Peru, a second major purchase agreement for four Viking Series 400 Twin Otters has been executed with PT Airfast Indonesia.  The aircraft are scheduled for delivery in 2012 and 2014, and will be configured for land operations to expand Airfast Indonesia’s current fleet of three legacy Twin Otters used on charter in the mining industry.

Said Robert Mauracher, Viking’s vice president Business Development, “Airfast has been a legacy Twin Otter operator and Viking spares customer for several years, and have shown interest in the Series 400 since the product launch.”  He added, “They are a very professional operation with extensive Twin Otter experience, and we are confident they will represent the Series 400 to the best of its abilities.”

The Airfast Indonesia and Peruvian Air Force purchase have significantly increased the Twin Otter Series 400 order book, combining with continued world-wide customer deliveries to rapidly increase the market presence of the aircraft.

To further support this growing demand, Viking has assigned Associated Defence Industries Corporation (“ADIC”) as an additional global sales representative for the Philippines to liaise exclusively with military and government customers for the Guardian 400, Viking’s restricted category high gross weight military version of the Series 400 Twin Otter.  ADIC is a subsidiary of Novacell, a distributor of aerospace and communication systems to the Philippines Armed Forces.

The growing popularity of the Series 400 Twin Otter around the world is largely due to its ability to operate from remote and unimproved airfields in any operating environment, due to its robust design and equalized maintenance program.  It features many modifications that improve safety and increase performance over the Series 300 Twin Otter, the most notable of which is the integration of the Honeywell Primus Apex avionics suite.  Other changes include upgraded Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 engines, use of composite materials, light weight  interior, simplified  electrical and LED lighting systems, as well as value added options such as de-ice and air-conditioning.

Approximately twenty-five percent of the new Twin Otters sold are Guardian 400’s, developed for special mission and government operations in medium range maritime patrol and critical infrastructure support.  The Guardian 400’s flexible architecture allows operators to customize sensors and interior layouts to meet their specific mission profiles, such as electro-optical and infrared imaging turret, 360 degree digital color radar system, extended range internal fuel tank, crew observation stations, and air operable cargo door.  

The success of the Series 400 program has meant a considerable increase in activity at Viking’s facilities in Victoria, BC and Calgary Alberta, with a workforce of approaching 500, up from the original 150 employees at program launch.  This development is ongoing as Viking continues to recruit qualified candidates for key positions throughout the organization.

Viking launched the new DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 production program in 2007, and currently has a production backlog estimated at over $300M through 2014.  Viking provides OEM support for the worldwide fleet of de Havilland heritage line of aircraft (DHC-1 through DHC-7), and is part of Westerkirk Capital Inc., a Canadian private investment firm with substantial holdings in the hospitality, aviation and real estate sectors.

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